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Chillibreeze Solutions Private Limited

Chillibreeze Solutions Private Limited

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We are a large available and experienced team of professional Presentation designers providing PowerPoint formatting and design services.

Chillibreeze Design Experts specialize in 12 to 24 hour turnaround for:

• Corporate Presentation Formatting

• PowerPoint Style Guide and Template Creation

• PowerPoint Icon and Original Art Work

• Production of Hand Drawn Slides

• Microsoft Visio, Excel, Outlook, OneNote Formatting

• Infographic Designing

Our long-term customers depend on us for Fast and Reliable PowerPoint Presentation support services. A dedicated, talented in-house team of 60+ excels in the production of slides and documents. Our customers know that they can depend on us for unique and well-finished PowerPoint Presentations. They appreciate the sustainable, long-term value that we add to their work. Our PPT experts work with our customers to rescue their deadlines like magic. As our PPT team is based in India, our services are very popular with corporate customers based in the US, UK, and Europe. By using our services they derive the benefits of having a work-force that works while they sleep! Over time we have become experts at corporate presentation formatting. Our high-quality PPT decks are used by professionals like ex-McKinsey consultants and those from other corporate consulting firms and multinational corporations. Chillibreeze is the first global company to start operations in North East India. We are a company that started from scratch in 2004 and raised leadership, management and staff, locally.

Key characteristics that Chillibreeze has come to be known for:

• Speed and reliability

• Long term customer relationships with high regard for confidentiality

• Large team able to handle on-demand unscheduled work

• Pioneering location in North East India

• Making our vision statement a reality