Success Criteria

The following table gives the success criteria (indicators) for the project for establishing Centre of Entrepreneurship with Start-up Innovation Zones in the NE states under Digital North East 2022. The attainment of the Objectives of the proposed project can be measured by applying these indicators.

Objective* Success Criteria (Indicators)
Incubation of new and emerging technologies areas of electronics and IT
  • No. of new solutions in IT and electronics developed in the CoEs
  • No. of such units that graduate out from the facility
To provide a robust platform for start-ups with single umbrella support services
  • No. of start-up units set-up in the CoEs
  • No. of such units that graduate out from the CoEs (in their 3 Year or earlier)
To create employment opportunities in new innovative start-up units
  • No. of persons employed in ITES / IT units set-up in the incubation facility established under the proposal (Employment for over one year only)
Developing tinkering and innovation culture amongst students and professionals by establishing innovation zones for start-ups
  • No. of students and professionals using the tinkering facility
  • Output of tinkering activities

(*) E-Commerce activities are assumed each of the objectives

Success Stories