Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the selection Process?

The shortlisted applicants will be informed and invited to the pitching session at OCTANE, Guwahati. The applicants will have to pitch to a panel. The selected start-up will be on boarded to the Mentoring programme.


2. Will my start-up be eligible for any funding during the programme?

Yes, funding is one of the key offering of this programme. Depending on the development stage as well as the pitch deck along with the tech validation, seed funding will be provided.


3. Whom should I contact for any other queries?

For further information drop an email to


4. Will services companies be considered for this incubation program?

No, the primary focus is on product companies.


5. Does the entire company need to sit out of OCTANE CoE?

Preferably. CoE will allot up to 6 seats per startup at concessional rate. If more than six seats are needed, the same can be allocated on standard charges subjected to availability.


6. When you say “mentors”, does it mean that it will be like a classroom environment or more one-on-one?

The mentoring sessions will be both classroom environment and one-to-one depending upon the topic / subject of the mentoring.


7. Will a company being incubated in an existing STP scheme be allowed to shift to OCTANE CoE ? 

Yes, if it gets qualified for the CoE program.


8. What will be the qualifying criteria for getting selected for startups?

Following will be analyzed to select the startups for the CoE program:

1. Innovative Business Idea / Technology leading to product startup

2. Years of Establishment

3. Team Size

4. Product idea and current stage of development (PoC readiness, IPR status etc.)

5. Detailed Business Plan & Management Structure

  • Founding team's experience & strength, founding/core team's talent mapping, passion
  • Nature of problem being solved & Value proposition of solution
  • Cost structure, Profitability, Scalability and Market Size being targeted
  • Execution plan 

6. Fund availability

7. Partners and Customers


9. If the company has its main office in another city or has teams working out different cities, how do they manage working out of CoE?

The selected startup should preferably work from the CoE to get the maximum benefit of the program. However, this subject can be discussed during the selection interview.


10. What is the requirement for the Top level Executive (CEO,COO) of the company to work from CoE? How often do they have to work from COE?

This subject can be discussed during the selection interview.


11. Will competing startups (direct product competition) be allowed to work in the same co-working space?

Yes, they are allowed to work from the same co-working space during the Mentoring program.

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