About OctaNE

OCTANE is a group of eight internetworked Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) to support technology led innovation in the North Eastern India.

Aims of OCTANE

  •  To incubate start-ups in new and emerging technologies in the areas of electronics and IT,
  •  To provide a robust platform for start-ups, with single umbrella support services like mentorship, cloud computing subsidy, seed capital assistance, marketing support (incl. IPR protection) etc.,
  • To create employment opportunities in new innovative start-ups,
  • To develop a tinkering and innovation culture amongst students and professionals by establishing innovation zones for start-ups,
  •  To facilitate E-Commerce activities and applications.


OCTANE is expected to create direct employment for over 1,250 local youth (in-house units only). Further, direct employment in graduated units is expected to reach over 4,000 by Year-15 on conservative basis. In addition, the local start-ups will be able to avail of good quality incubation facility to start operations - without investing capital for the same.

The proposed incubation facility will be meant mainly for local entrepreneurs, including first generation qualified persons. Local entrepreneurs of the NE Region are still struggling to create their own incubation space and most of them are not in a position to build world class infrastructure to successfully incubate start-ups.

The proposed incubation facility will assist them by creating the support eco-system like lab, mentoring, fund access, market support. 

Innovation zone will be available to students and professionals to tinker with emerging technologies (including in E-Commerce), which is expected to result in the development of innovative start-ups. 

Success Stories